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Number of stores 87
Product range Footwear and accessories
Managing director Johan Wasserfall
Number of staff  566
Average store size 341 m²
Target market  Middle-income market

Shoe City is a specialty retailer of adult and children's footwear and accessories, operating a chain of 87 stores in mainly value-driven shopping nodes and malls across South Africa. The chain is positioned in the mid-market segment, offering good value for money through high quality and high fashion at competitive prices. Its target market comprises the LSM 4 to 7 categories, focusing on adults of all races and ages. Shoe City is mainly a cash-based business, although it also offers its customers lay-bye and credit facilities, the latter through the Ackermans A-Plus credit card scheme.

Shoe City offers a broad range of footwear, including some international brands as well as genuine leather shoes from Brazil and high–fashion shoes from Italy. Its own range of house brands is well known in the market.

Where to contact us
Telephone: +27 (0)21 900 1000 General enquiries

For further information visit www.shoecity.co.za
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