Who we are

Pepkor has the largest retail store footprint in
southern Africa. With 5 900 stores operating across nine African countries and in Brazil, our businesses include many of the most trusted brands on the continent.


5 900 STORES



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We believe in giving people, especially those with limited disposable income, the opportunity to live their lives with dignity, respect and pride.

We have done this for more than 100 years and will continue to do so through our trusted brands.

Pepkor began life over 100 years ago and quickly built a reputation of giving South Africans the right products, at the right price, and at their convenience. The group has steadily expanded its footprint over the years to include significant reach into southern Africa, as well as a limited range of other African economies.

The majority of Pepkor’s retail brands operate in the discount and value market segment, which enjoys natural resilience thanks to customers’ ability to buy ‘up’ or ‘down’ according to their budgets, and prevailing economic conditions.

Pepkor’s long success rests on its understanding of, and strong relationships with, its customers. Deep, market-specific knowledge is the foundation of the group’s strategic and operational ability and has allowed Pepkor brands to offer southern African customers access to an extensive range of value-for-money products for over a century.

Our offering

Pepkor gives customers access to value-for-money products and services at the lowest prices, and at their convenience.

We deliver this value by using world-class systems and processes that ensure cost efficiency, as well as product quality.

By keeping our costs low, we give more customers the opportunity to look and feel good.

Culture and Values

Pepkor brands are part of the fabric of southern African life. The group is known for its close relationships with customers, and for some of our more iconic brands (including PEP, Ackermans and Bradlows) these relationships stretch over several generations and many chapters of southern Africa’s history.

From products and services to community involvement, Pepkor’s brands seek to create value in everything they do. Creating employment opportunities is an especially important focus within the group. We strive to ensure that, wherever possible, we open up exciting career development paths for our committed, high-performance employees, the majority of whom live and work in the communities in which we operate.

We can only deliver on our strategy by living our values on a daily basis. This means that every Pepkor business maintains an ongoing focus on the group’s ultimate purpose:

To make a positive difference in the lives of our customers

* All highlights as at 30 September 2023  ^ Physical and virtual transactions