We are confident that all Pepkor businesses are fully aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations.

Few companies operating in the discount and value retail sector have the ability or discipline to manage a large, complex structure at a low cost of doing business. Pepkor’s long, successful history pays living testimony to its ability in this area and reinforces the validity of its broad business philosophy:

Everyone, rich and poor, deserves the same access to products, services and friendly customer service from people who treat them with dignity and respect.


Pepkor strives to offer customers the best products they can afford, and to develop our people to be the best they can be – at work and at home.

In order to continue offering excellent value at the best possible prices, Pepkor has to keep its own cost base tightly controlled. We do this by creating efficiencies with world-class systems and processes, which are in place through all our operations.

This streamlined, efficient operational foundation allows us to keep product prices competitive. Crucially, it also allows for investments in education, the provision of resources to local charities and the support of social programmes that benefit the communities in which our customers and employees live and work.









Pepkor’s vision and purpose is to be a social leader in the retail sector. Our structural approach to sustainability therefore centres on providing meaningful value to ordinary people via the products they choose to purchase.

Pepkor consists of different operating businesses and over 20 prominent retail brands. Although each brand is responsible for its own strategic development and implementation (in line with that of the group), they are all equally and fully committed to Pepkor’s ethics in their daily business practices.

Enhancing society is part of our culture and integral to our business. Pepkor’s CSR initiatives focus primarily on employment, training and education, in addition to building efficiencies across the value chain that allow us to reduce costs and be more economical with our resources.

We always consider the individual’s well-being, development and prosperity – we look at each individual as an important contributor to the development of society at large.

We offer a wide range of products to our customers at the best price and value – giving them the ability to look and feel good, while staying on budget.

A lot of employees and business partners have been with Pepkor and our brands for many years – some for more than four decades. Many have in fact ‘grown up’ within the company. They understand Pepkor’s brands deeply and love the group as a whole.

It is the passion of the people who come to work at Pepkor every day, to serve each other and our customers, that makes us who we are.

At Pepkor, we give customers access to products and services that will make their lives better, and easier.

Our customers often have limited disposable income, but they still make it possible for their families to live better lives. Our goal is to help them to dress their children, furnish their homes and pay their bills with dignity and pride. Quite simply, we make sure that our customers can find what they are looking for, in a shopping experience that is as effortless as possible.

Pepkor gives back to the communities in which it operates on a daily basis – first and foremost by creating access to affordable products and services in convenient locations. In addition, our FLASH business gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter the informal business sector effectively and at low cost, while also creating space for existing small business owners to extend their offerings.

Pepkor invests financially in local social development by supporting worthy social projects, as well as by contributing time and expertise to assist social programmes in communities where we believe it can have a positive impact.

At Pepkor, we encourage our people to get involved in social development, and to stay involved. Each Pepkor business has a Corporate Social Investment budget, and in many instances, employees are given time off work to personally make a difference to a worthy cause.

Globally, there is a significant imbalance between the demand for natural resources and its availability. This places pressure on groups such as Pepkor to actively manage their environmental impact, while still improving efficiencies and keeping costs down for the benefit of customers.

As a retail group, Pepkor has a large store footprint, and our greatest direct climate impact is electricity usage. However, this large footprint also presents significant opportunities to save on logistics and distribution costs through economies of scale.

At Pepkor, we make every effort to establish operational processes able to embed a sustainable structure within the group. Some of our current highlights include:

  • installing eco-friendly and energy efficient lighting during all store improvements and new store rollouts;
  • using only recycled plastic bags;
  • sourcing sustainable timber that is Forest Stewardship Council compliant; and
  • routinely recycling paper, cartons and packaging material.

Pepkor brands will increase their environmental responsibility activity as we continue on our collective journey of improvement.