We cut, edge, drill and deliver with a smile!

With several decades of experience in providing superior products and outstanding service, Timbercity is one of southern Africa’s most recognised and trusted DIY and building materials brands.

The Timbercity Offering

Timbercity offers a comprehensive range of board products and cabinet hardware, supported by a wide range of allied products, including power tools, hand tools, paint, adhesives, sealants, timber sealers, varnishes and brackets. An additional range of fasten-and-fix-it-yourself products is also available.

The Timbercity business has over 30 stores across South Africa and Namibia.

Culture and Values

Timbercity’s culture is defined by its daily work. Chippie the beaver, the brand’s mascot, has encapsulated Timbercity’s service ethos for over forty years. He represents a way of doing business where all partnerships begin and end with the customer in mind.