CODE is a proudly local menswear brand that offers great value through its unique, high-energy shopping experience. Its aspirational customers are young, mobile and fashion-conscious. They offer great style and do not compromise on quality, but the value the customer receives is what sets them apart.

The CODE Offering

Stores are located close to transport hubs to cater to on-the-go commuters with little time to spare. Customers are mostly young afro-lennials and although CODE is menswear brand, they attract a surprising number of female shoppers, many of which have become its biggest brand ambassadors. Great value and affordability form the cornerstone of our offering of denim, branded T-shirts and sweats.

Culture and Values

CODE’s entrepreneurial history can be seen in the dedication, enthusiasm and energy of its legends. They value the authentic South African heritage of their brand and are proud of their responsive supply chain and locally sourced product. Colour and attitude are their differentiators, not only in their product, but also in their stores. Music and the high-energy ‘hustle’ of their staff contributes to a unique shopping experience