Celebrating best prices every day

PEP Africa aims to be the friendliest and most trusted retailer offering wanted products and services at the lowest prices. With stores in four African countries, they are the biggest formal clothing retailer in Africa, and have been providing families outside of South Africa with affordable clothing, footwear, homeware and cellular products since 1995.

The PEP Africa Offering

PEP Africa strives to be the best discount retailer in Africa, offering the best possible prices on clothing, footwear, homeware and cellular products. They have 2 000 employees in Africa who work together in making their customers the focus of everything they do.

Culture and Values

PEP Africa shares the Sikhula KunYe culture with their colleagues at PEP. They are also Dynamos and greet each other with a high five to symbolise that they are all part of the same family. This culture inspires the company’s values of treating each other with dignity and respect.