S.P.C.C − Stronger as a collective

Born on the streets of South Africa circa 2012, S.P.C.C combines gritty street influences with astute, sophisticated design to deliver an iconic men’s denim brand. Renowned for our premium quality, unique fit, signature prints and iconic detailing, S.P.C.C has transformed itself into a powerhouse, stamping its name as an authority in denim design and innovation.


S.P.C.C’s mission is to be the company that best satisfies the product, service and self-fulfilment needs of men who desire status and are prepared to make a statement.

S.P.C.C offers a seamless digital experience to buyers, giving them the opportunity to engage with the brand and purchase premium products online via a comprehensive selection of channels, including social media, digital events and the official S.P.C.C website.

Culture and Values

S.P.C.C is guided by humility, passion, unity and servanthood. This set of principles guide its actions and is what the team aims to deliver on daily.

At the heart of these values lie commitment, connection, innovation, teamwork, accountability and a determination to offer world-class service to its customers.