Everybody loves what they do, and it shows

As the only value-focused speciality footwear retailer in South Africa, Shoe City offers a wide range of stylish, affordable and comfortable men’s, ladies’ and children’s footwear and accessories.

Shoe City is a one-stop shop for value and affordability – a place where customers are sure to find the right shoe at a good price.

The Shoe City Offering

Shoe City products meet the needs of the whole family, young and old, and provide a full wardrobe solution for any context, from work to weekend.

Shoe City has developed its own branded ranges, adapting current trends for the specific local market context and catering to all orientations, from weekend and outdoors to style and trend-focused, including family fashion.

With full control over styles, materials, workmanship, quality and price, in-house brands are a crucial part of Shoe City’s ability to serve its customers’ needs.

Culture and Values

Shoe City prides itself on its heritage as a household name and is an established part of the South African retail landscape.

Teamwork, commitment, integrity and passion define the Shoe City culture. The brand’s employees all come from different walks of life, and there is a strong focus within the business on harnessing the benefits of this diversity. Shoe City maintains clear and open communication channels and always seeks to foster a company culture that prioritises mutual respect and personal integrity.

Shoe City staff always try to be the best they can be – their daily efforts lay a foundation from which the brand delivers value, durability, longevity and an ongoing customer focus.