Committed to providing customers with affordable loan products and delivering exceptional service


Capfin is redefining the South African unsecured credit industry. Its approach to business is rooted in ethical, responsible and compliant credit policies and practices, designed to protect customer interests.

The Capfin Offering

Capfin strives to make loan applications accessible, simple and hassle-free. It offers customers the freedom to apply for a loan anywhere and at any time.

Capfin offers loans of up to R50 000, featuring repayment terms of up to 12 months. Its products are easily accessed through its retail partners (including PEP and Ackermans), as well as through secure online and mobile channels.

Culture and Values

A strong company culture is the driving force behind Capfin’s success. The business prides itself on its ability to understand and respond to the needs of its customers, who are the heart of its operation.

Capfin people take pride in what they do, pay great attention to detail, and focus on always improving their efforts. They help each other grow – continuously – in order to deliver exceptional results.