Making people’s lives easier

Flash is a technology-driven company committed to making people’s lives easier. Its hardware and applications offer informal traders an affordable and safe payment system through which to do business in their communities.

Having built the largest informal retail network in Africa, featuring seamless integration across multiple technology platforms and channels, Flash is proud of its ability to process millions of transactions daily, while still developing an ever-growing product range.

The Flash Offering

The Flash product range includes:

  • airtime
  • data
  • electricity
  • bill payments
  • lotto
  • online top-up and payment vouchers

Flash has expanded across Africa and Europe, effectively integrating its payment application programming interface and products into formal retail outlets. This process has allowed it to partner with content providers and brands on a global scale.

A growing footprint has given partner brands the ability to instantly connect to Flash traders and customers, and to ensure that millions of customers engage with their products on a daily basis.

Flash develops its understanding of relevant market segments through extensive data analytics and uses the resulting insights to create innovative solutions for consumers and end users.

Culture and Values

Flash’s purpose of ‘making people’s lives easier’ is a powerful motivator and growth driver, enabling the transformation of the business beyond simply making profit. It is Flash’s reason to exist and defines what its people want to achieve every day.

Flash lives out its purpose through a unique culture, built on the three values it cares about most: commitment, teamwork and bravery.